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Our Passion

Purple Turtle at night

The Purple Turtle has always had the goal of helping young people to reach their potential through hard work, learning to do their job, and providing experiences that will benefit them in their lives. Most of our employees are starting their first job and learning attitudes and habits that will benefit them throughout their lives. Values like hard work, being on time, problem solving, working with others, leadership, customer service, and friendship are all stressed and expected from all employees.

Through the years, many young people and a few mature ones have come together at the Purple Turtle. Friendships have been kindled that have lasted over many years. There

have been many that have met, married and raised families--all of which began because of friendships that started at the Purple Turtle.

Believing in yourself and your abilities helps to make people the best they can be. Having the faith to follow your dreams, work to bring them to pass, and enjoying the fruits of your labor provides the greatest rewards. The Purple Turtle has provided countless people the base to believe in their dreams and the ability to work to bring them to pass.

The loyal customers that have supported the Purple Turtle over the years have been the best. The philosophy has always been people would rather have quality food and pay for it, rather than cheap food. Customers have come to expect our quality. Care is taken to prepare items like fish & chips, onion rings, and salads daily. Our burgers are always 100% ground beef, cooked when you order, and never frozen.

Thanks to many outstanding people, lots of hard work and the best community support ever, the Purple Turtle has survived since 1968 while employing hundreds of youth and provided many with opportunities to follow their dreams or created friendships for eternity. Our biggest desire going forward is that we can always provide the quality, food, and customer service people have come to expect.


Purple Turtle Owners

Purple Turtle has always had a great family of employees and has been the start of many wonderful adventures and relationships. The families that care for the Purple Turtle started as regular employees that were given opportunities to take their dreams a bit farther. Over the years there have been many who have met and married from working at the Purple Turtle. 

Steve and Amy Cobbley met at the Purple Turtle, started dating 4 months later and were married 5 months after that. They have 7 wonderful children--most of whom have worked at the Purple Turtle. They have enjoyed their experiences, friendships, and acquaintances from their time at the Purple Turtle. They honestly believe that hard work brings great people together.

Purple Turtle Owners

Andrew and Alyse Wilkins both started as employees at the Purple Turtle when they were teenagers. Eventually they got married and Andrew continued to work there while going

to college. They are extremely grateful for the opportunities that have become available to them from their time with the Purple Turtle. They now have 2 young kids and enjoy being a bigger part of the Purple Turtle family and look forward to being a part of the Pleasant Grove community.

Many family traditions in the valley include a trip to the Purple Turtle. We feel greatly honored to be included in those family or friend gatherings and traditions. Whether you are a current or past employee, a regular or new customer, we look forward to serving you and being a part of the community.

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